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Sarah Harding's 'The Jump' Progress


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Sarah Harding's 'The Jump' Progress

sadie sherran

 Siberian Chic's brand ambassador Sarah Harding flew out to Austria in January this year to compete in the Jump, she has been doing amazingly well in the first three shows of this exciting season. Sarah’s competitive nature and passion for speed and adrenaline has been clear in the recent trials as she has been pushing herself to her limits completing the trials and win the Cow Bell Trophy.

Episode One of the Jump 2016

Episode one of The Jump tournaments saw the contestants take part in the Skeleton; this is a death defying course where the contestants slide down the run on their fronts on a sled. This is a fast paced race and as the celebrities slide down the ice at high speeds.

Sarah Harding came up against Rebecca Adlington in the first episode, this was nerve-wracking as Rebecca Adlington is an Olympian used to winning, but our Sarah is no stranger to competition either. Sarah Harding flew down a little faster than Rebecca Adlington, this meant she was safe for episode 2 and Rebecca Adlington had to face The Air Jump.

The Air Jump is a jump where the competitors have to see who can get the highest from a ramp after a ski run. This in turn pushes the athletes to try to see how fast they can hit the run to be able to use that momentum to get the highest and win their way to the next round.

The contestants have a large stunt bag on the end of the ramp; this stops the contestants from damaging themselves when they land and in turn letting them focus on hitting the ramp as fast as possible.

 Unfortunately Rebecca suffered a shoulder injury on her landing and could not come back the next week.  The contestant who jumped the lowest was Louisa Lytton who was then out of the competition. 

Episode Two of the Jump 2016

Sarah hit to the slopes in episode two to take place in the cross ski race; the contestants have to complete the ski run in competition with each other for the fastest time, this means that the first to the bottom wins.

Sarah Harding was pitted up against Tamara Beckwith in this event, this ended in Tamara winning the race as Sarah fell over at an early stage. Sarah was then placed in another cross ski race to find who was going through to the air Jump.

The race was held with Sarah Harding, James Argent and Mark-Francis Vandelli. This gave Sarah Harding the victory against the two gents as she soared through to the finish and took first place. Mark-Francis however took a fall during the race before spinning into a 180 turn and fracturing his ankle. This has meant he will not be able to continue in The Jump for the next episode.

Episode Three of the Jump 2016

The third episode showed the celebrities go head to head in a parallel Slalom, in turn meaning the slowest contestants would face the jump.

James Argent returned to the competition again this week to replace Linford Christie after Linford suffered a hamstring injury and was unable to continue in the competition. This meant Sarah had to once again race to the bottom of the run against James Argent and once again, she beat him. Sarah hit the ground running and in turn James struggled to keep the pace, Sarah was far ahead when James fell as she glided through the finish in style. Sarah then turned to cheer on her competition urging him on to finish the race like a true hero.

This victory saw Sarah Harding secure a place in the next episode and it also meant that James Argent had to try for the jump in a bid to stay in another week. However, he was knocked out of the competition for a second week in a row s he got the lowest jump of the runner up contestants.

We hope to see Sarah Harding keep up this amazing performance in the coming weeks!