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Sarah Harding Through To the Semi Finals of the Jump


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Sarah Harding Through To the Semi Finals of the Jump

sadie sherran

Sarah Harding gave an amazing performance this Sunday as she took to the Moguls on The Jump. The mogul's course was constructed from 22 moguls, four gates and a kicker ramp. The moguls themselves are small bumps in the snow and in turn cause the contestants to have to use their balance and speed to be able to get through the course properly.

Sarah Harding had to go head to head against Brian McFadden. She and Brian had been bickering like brother and sister as the pair know each other very well from their days in Westlife and Girls Aloud. They bickered throughout training, joking and pretending to psyche each other out. The Moguls were a real challenge for Sarah, who although is very confident on the slopes and very athletic struggled through training to get the movement right to swivel through the moguls.

Brian was very confident and even felt he had it in the bag, boasting to Sid Owen he had it in the bag, but whilst Brian put his Siberian Chic boots up, Apres Ski,  Sarah's determination paid off as she began to master the moguls in extra training. 

The event looked tense at the start with Brian trying to put Sarah off her game, but we know Sarah and when she is focused on something that is it.

Sarah missed the first set of Moguls which meant she incurred a time penalty, she went back in for the next sets of moguls showing how hard she had trained to master the difficult obstacle. Brian is bigger than Sarah and this worked in his favour as he gathered momentum on the downhill slope. It was a very close finish with Sarah just beating him past the finish line. However the time penalty added meant that Brian was named the winner and Sarah would have to do the air jump. 

The Jump Mountain is where the contestants hit the slope at high speeds to see whom get can reach the highest height at the bottom of the run after hitting a ramp. Sarah felt a lot more confident about this than the Moguls so we had high hopes for her Jump. However, she was up against some very tough competition, Heather Mills, Ben Cohen and Joe Swash.

Sarah's Jump was very good, she lifted her legs up high to try to get the highest score, as the score is the height from the lowest part of the contestants body. She managed a respectful 8.59 metres but was it enough?

Heather Mills was first in line, Heather was brought in to replace Rebecca Adlington who went out due to injury and had actually participated in last years The Jump as well. Heather is a very good skiier despite her disability, she had decided to skip the Moguls completely due to fears the motion would dislodge her artificial leg which meant she had to go on the air Jump. 

Heather was very confident and managed an amazing jump of 14.55 metres, things started to feel very tense for Sarah Harding, would she be out this week?

Next up was Rugby professional Ben Cohen, he also was a substitute but had shown great ability on the slopes last week. He is a lot bigger than Sarah so we all hoped his size as a Rugby player would make it more difficult to get a good height. However we did not anticipate the extra speed he would get from the downward ramp and managed a respectable 9.21 meters, close to Sarah's 8.59 but beating her.

Joe Swash was up next, he couldn't compete in the Moguls due to injury so by default went through to the air Jump. He has only been in the competition 1 week as another substitute and actually injured his shoulder on the air Jump last week. This meant he was a little nervous about competing again. 

Joe did very well and it looked very close, he had good height but not as good form, we all held our breath waiting for Davina to announce the scores. Joe did manage to be able to secure an 8.31m height but with Sarah Harding securing an 8.59m at her highest it was all over for Joe, and Sarah Harding sealed the win and secured her place in the semi finals.

Sarah Harding will be up against the Ski Cross next week when the remaining contestants head out on the semi final. Make sure to watch it on Channel 4 at 8PM.

While she is in The Jump we are offering fans 43% off her Limited Edition Whistler Boots with the discount code SHJUMP, taking the cost down to £110 + delivery!!