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When temperatures fall, Siberian Chic designer sheepskin boots are the ultimate in luxurious footwear – stylishly seeing you through from day to night this winter. Our collection of women’s designer boots are exclusive to Siberian Chic in the UK and Ireland, and as each pair is handcrafted you can be confident that the snow boots on your feet are totally unique to you.



At Siberian Chic our Sheepskin and Cowhide are ethically sourced and a byproduct of the meat industry.  Our products are all made and sourced within the EU, London and America to ensure that the best qualities of materials are available for our craftsmen. Our Fur is from strict welfare farms and is biodegradable, sustainable and offers durability and warmth no other product can offer. Our Nutria Fur a also a byproduct of the meat industry in America.


Siberian Chic is pleased to have sole distribution rights for UK & Ireland
for all footwear made under the trademark MOREGOR®

What is used in our products?

Our Cowhide is naturally water-resilient along with the other materials we use and requires no harsh chemicals to protect its luxurious looks.  Even in the deepest of snow, rain or mud just let them dry naturally and simply wipe clean.  Only the best materials can do this so our sourcing is paramount in ensuring we are able to use high quality materials in our products.

When Fur is used we source only from farmed animals from welfare farms, which is of upmost importance to us.  Again working within the EU you can be assured that only high quality and ethical, sustainably sourced materials are used.

Faux Fur Vs Authentic Fur

All our materials are sourced ethically and through sustainable, reliable, high quality sources.

We, at Siberian Chic, understand that using strict welfare controlled sources is crucial to our business.  Using food chain animals and carefully sourced welfare farmed animals from within the EU and America is important in ensuring this.

The reason for using only real Sheepskin and Fur is purely for the high performance, which these materials offer.  They offer durability, longevity and warmth  man made materials cannot offer.  They are breathable, easy to maintain and each boot is totally individual in looks and feel making them unique.

When wearing such materials you can feel the luxurious materials and feel the warmth they naturally give.

We will never use faux fur because it is just not a sustainable material and offers little warmth or protection in any conditions.

Did you realise, unlike real fur, faux fur is not biodegradable and requires more than a hundred years to decompose? Also they are not considered environmentally friendly due to the chemicals used which creates a significant carbon footprint.

We all have a choice and at Siberian Chic we choose ethically sourced EU manufacturing to assure you both quality and peace of mind.  Our boots should give you lasting comfort and warmth along with high performance. We also believe in the welfare of our craftsmen and women by supplying jobs in London and the EU promoting growth in these countries with fair working conditions outlined with the EU governments.