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When temperatures fall, Siberian Chic designer sheepskin boots are the ultimate in luxurious footwear – stylishly seeing you through from day to night this winter. Our collection of women’s designer boots are exclusive to Siberian Chic in the UK and Ireland, and as each pair is handcrafted you can be confident that the snow boots on your feet are totally unique to you.



We pride ourselves on offering outstanding customer service and  outstanding products. Our Testimonials from Podiatrists, Yoga Gurus, Celebrities and Clients are growing daily. We want you to feel confident you are joining a growing number of discerning clients looking for products that deliver on every level. We are not a disposable brand, we are focussed on championing high quality products and values. We manufacture only in the EU and London England making sure every product delivered to you is handcrafted and true quality.

What do people say about Siberian Chic?

"It's not often that both function and fashion are words that are combined when discussing footwear.

However Sandie Chapman owner of Siberian Chic has managed to combine both with her range of must have winter footwear, (though the fashion conscious may end up wearing them year round). These boots are constructed from natural furs and skins, in vibrant colours with additional thermal quality in the insoles and linings.

The soles have a special C ring which is adjusted to give additional grip on icy surfaces. This range of footwear is very identifiable and unique. 

I am sure Siberian Chic Footwear will be popular in helping keep feet warm and dry,  either  waiting on the platform for the 06.30 train on a cold frosty morning, or at the apres-ski party in Klosters."

Michael PJ O’Neill F.C.Pod.S

Consultant Podiatrist

Featured online at:

"I have had a lifetime love affair with boots and in Siberian Chic I have found the perfect partner. They are not only incredibly comfy, toasty warm and good dor my feet - they are also beautiful to look at. Sandie and her staff were truly caring, offering a customer care far beyond expectation. Thank you Sandie for bringing Siberian Chic to the market, I plan to buy the zebra skin and red suede. "

Susan Grant

Luxury PR Director, London

"At Olivia’s World we were looking for a fashionable boot to sell in our boutique. Being from an equestrian back ground we wanted a boot not only with lots of style but one that was practical too.

You can wear Siberian Chic boots regardless of poor weather including snow, rain & mud giving our customers the versatility to wear them in what ever they do whilst remaining looking great.

Olivia’s World is an aspirational brand, offering both style & individuality and wearing Siberian Chic gives you all of this."

Andrea Seddon

Owner, Olivia’s World

Featured online at:

"Wow, I love my Siberian Chic boots! I have never had so many compliments about an item of clothing! Not only are they beautifully stylish, which is what other people see when I'm wearing thm, but just as importantly they feel so warm and comfortable. They fit my feet perfectly and being quite true to size. I've worn them with and without socks and both ways are good although I prefer with. Initially I was hesitant to let them get wet and muddy because they are so beautiful but I needn't have worried. I simply left them to dry (which didnt take long at all) then gave them a light brush off with a soft brush and they were as good as new again. The soles have great grip so no more sliding about in the mud behind the dog! Really great boots, thoroughly recommended!"


Love the boots! @SiberianChic
— @MelindaMessenger (Twitter)

"Having been spurred on to establish my Yoga business through neck and shoulder pain, the discovery of Siberian Chic boots has been amazing.

I adore my boots, which offer me the comfort, posture support and warmth all within a chic and gorgeous piece of footwear which benefit the body.

Siberian Chic boots are approved by leading podiatry consultant and spokesman for the Society of Podiatrists, Michael O'Neill, and are perfect for maintaining the posture and core stability after a practice and look amazingly stylish to boot! (excuse the pun!)"

Karen Pancholi

Featured online at:

"Siberian Chic boots have really nailed the whole functional fashion thing. I adore wearing mine on set to keep me warm and happy between takes, and they're perfect for running between the studio and events."

Olivia Cox

TV Presenter & Blogger

Featured online at:

Check out the amazing @SiberianChic boots here at I wear my pair all the time.
— @Rosie_Tapner (Twitter)

"Siberian Chic boots are pure heaven for your feet.  They incredibly comfortable to wear, incredibly supportive and  incredibly stylish.  What impresses me most (and this is no exaggeration), is how good they look after they become wet, dirty or muddy: just like they are brand new out of the box.  People always comment on how lovely they look and if you want people to be attracted to your feet, these are the boots for you!"

Also, check out the Hello Magazine blog article here

Laura Hamilton

TV Presenter

Featured online at:

"So …….. on my way to Newquay to go to Boardmasters Festival, the train was 5 and a half hours, ( let alone the 3 hour wait in line just to get in) so I had a long journey ahead of me, but at least I was saved by my Siberian Chic boots! With my two best girlfriends sitting with me complaining about how uncomfortable their wellies were and how they already had blisters, I was sitting smugly thinking about how snuggly I was – not a blister thing going on!

The only thing I was slightly worried about was the weather, with ‘Bertha’ the hurricane just off the coast of Cornwall …will I get wet feet?!! In the end I had absolutely nothing to worry about. Yes, the weather was horrendous and caused the last day of the festival to be cancelled but I stayed dry…well my feet did! I barely took the boots off, only to sleep, and then they made great pillows! I didn’t get the rubbing that you get from wellies, nor the clumpy feeling as they are very lightweight so they were just perfect for dancing around to the acts in the heaving crowds. And when they got muddy, I just let them sit overnight and just picked off the mud the next day. They were a complete life saver in the rainy weather ….

A week later and I’m off again to another festival, this time Green Man in cold, wet South Wales. Learning from last weekend I shed the extra weight of another backup pair of shoes and set off with only my Siberian Chics as footwear… I made the right choice!

Although it wasn’t as rainy as Boardmasters, Green Man was a lot muddier but that wasn’t a problem as I could just let it dry and brush it off the next day and they were good as new.

And then Saturday night came and it was then that I was most grateful and fell in love my boots all over again.  Our whole group were sitting, wrapped up in blankets, shivering cold,  yet my feet were nice and toasty – that night they stayed on for bedtime too! I’m so glad I had these boots for these festivals; I don’t know what I would have done without them!

Thank you Siberian Chic!!!!"

Ella Rankin

"Thank You Siberian Chic!

ULTRA Chic and ULTRA Stylish, these statement boots are undoubtedly the next big thing. Whoever said 'fashionable is not comfortable' obviously has not tried a pair of Siberian Chic boots! During the ski season or wondering around a cold race track during testing these boots are a life saver which raise some smiles along the way :-) 

I love the fact SC's are amazingly warm during winter and cool during summer, as well as being incredibly durable, waterproof, wind proof & 'slip proof'!"

Paul Rees

Porsche Racing Driver

Featured online at:

Love love love my new boots from @SiberianChic x
— @Sinittaofficial (Twitter)

Are they as good as they claim? Yes they are!

Finally, I have a beautiful pair of snowboots - never one to dress subtly, mine are Whistlers in red - that look fantastic, are extremely comfy AND keep my feet lovely and warm -  all of the time! Although the worst of the winter is behind us, I have worked outside for several weeks now in cold, biting winds. My feet have stayed wonderful and toasty; such a relief after years of wearing layers of socks and still getting cold toes.

Then there’s the mud and the wet. Feeling mildly skeptical, (and much to the horror of colleagues!) I aimed for puddles and mud-pools to give my boots a real road-test. They really do brush up wonderfully and look good as new. To say I’m delighted is putting it mildly!

Finally, a note about customer service which is second-to-none. SC really do put customer care at the heart of their business.

Thank you, Siberian Chic!

Mary Cooke

Hair & Make Up Artist - BECTU, NASMAH


"I am so pleased with my new Banff Boots! I have worn them in deep snow, slush and ice and they really do grip well …even without using the ingenious fold away studs. No longer do I need to take a pair of shoes to change into. Even in Courchevel’s best restaurants these are smart enough to wear the whole evening. They seem to be able to keep your feet warm when you are outside without cooking them when you are inside. A great pair of boots!"

Peter Digby

Managing Director , Xtrac Ltd

"I am the extremely proud and lucky owner of the Aspen and Courchevel boots from Siberian Chic. I cannot speak highly enough of the exquisite style, quality and comfort. They provide a luxurious, stylish alternative to the "ugly boot" sheepskin style that has been popular in recent years but with far superior quality, structure and stability and a much more flattering look on the foot.  The fabrics and workmanship are awesome and to top it all they are warm and practical too!  I have also been extremely impressed with the customer service from Siberian Chic. I received bespoke styling and sizing advice from Sandie and received my order within 24 hours.  I cannot speak highly enough of Siberian Chic and the products they have brought to the UK and I'm sure you will be delighted if you invest in their stunning boots."

Kate Need

"I first saw these boots and fell in love with them immediately. The elegance of the design and practicality I had never seen before. They compliment my wardrobe and every time I put them on I enjoy the cosy feeling and all the complements from admirers who love them too !! I can not wait to buy my third pair!!!"

Dr Diane Keith MB BS

"Hooray for Siberian Chic.

I bought a pair of Boots for a trip to Iceland and from trekking the lava fields in very low temperatures and snow to going out for dinner in the evening they did the job with style."

Thank you!


"OK I would firstly like to say I have not removed your boots from my feet since I bought them two months ago. I have warn them in my studio, out and about and even on nights out.... I love them. I recently injured my left foot also and struggle with pain when it gets cold, since wearing these boots they keep my foot warm and cosy and I have no pain at all! They fit in with my life style and how i like to dress perfectly and I think you have  a fantastic boot on their own even with out the added benefits the have. 

Obviously wearing them around London they kept my feet warm and dry but thats not really the ultimate test. 

I wore these boots everyday on my three week trip..... New york they kept my feet warm and dry in −12 windy temperatures and then horrendous rain storms, they help up perfectly in −15 toronto and looked great everywhere I went and I had so many compliments! 

The true test was Quebec where I was in 4ft of now and −30 temperatures! I went on a snow mobile in them I went on walks in the woods, I ran around in the snow like a massive kid and they still were amazing! Better than my friends boots, and she lives in these conditions the majority of the time.

And the best part is, I have done all of this in them and they still look as good as new! 

Thank you so much and my Mum thanks you also as I would have be knocking around in my old trainers if it were not for these boot haha."

Lots of love,


"Amazing, stunning boy’s fur boots – highly recommended - Thank you!

I had to write and tell you how impressed I am with your fabulous children’s boots.  I rarely write reviews but I felt compelled to thank you and recommend to others, boots that my son simply adores – his ‘Russian boots’.  A friend of mine had told me how practical and hard wearing the Siberian Chic boots were for both her and her children and I confess I struggled to believe her. 

They are clearly superb Sheepskin boots, with a robust sole which work well in icy conditions and they certainly keep his feet warm and comfortable.  However, I was very sceptical when I opened the box, saw the luxurious materials and reflected on the damage a seven year old boy could do to them.   When I told my friend that we “saved them for clean outings”, that he worshiped them so much he slept with them beside his bed, she laughed and told me that I was not making the most of them.  She promised me that he could jump up and down in puddles, march through mud and they would stay waterproof and when dry, the mud would fall off with a quick wipe.

So we tested them, my son and I were nervous that they would never be the same again; my friend was right and we were wrong.  I have never seen anything like it, it is so difficult to get them dirty, as water and mud are simply repelled!  After much determined muddy punishment, I left them to dry overnight and in the morning it all simply wiped off with a flick of a cloth.

Clearly nature knows how to keep animals clean and dry and just because the fur is turned into a boot, doesn’t mean its magic stops working.

When I think about the lengths I have had to go to, to keep other leather boots clean, these are the most gorgeous and practical, by a long margin."

Amanda Pyne

"I love my Siberian Chic boots!

I always choose to wear them as they are so easy to slip on and are very comfortable. I wore them to Bonfire Night where they got caked in mud and I was so worried they were ruined but they looked perfect the next day after I brushed them off. I've also worn them to my ballet class, trampolining and on dog walks.

They are so warm and much nicer than wellies!"


Aged 9

"My Siberian Chic boots survived the slush of the skiing village and the snow of the peaks and still look as if they are fresh from the box. Looking forward to another winter of warm feet this year"

Jackie Morris

I am just writing to thank you for the excellent service your company provided in sending me the beautiful cream sheepskin boots for my wedding.  The boots were very comfortable and excellent quality.

Thank you again.

Jane Lehner

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